Data Natives Panel: Open Source Data Projects in Berlin

Back in November, I was at the Data Natives conference in Berlin, to take part in a panel on ‘Open Source Data projects in Berlin’. The other panelists were Kostas Tzoumas, Co-Founder and CEO of data Artisans, Ines Montani, Founder of Explosion AI and spaCy developer, and Andreas Dewes, Founder at 7scientists GmbH. The panel was moderated by Dr. Kristian Rother, Python Trainer at Academis. I was there, representing Zalando, and in particular my team, that maintains two open source projects, Nakadi and Bubuku.

All of us are involved in open source software development, so it will be a surprise to nobody that we all agreed that open source is a good thing. I guess it’s getting hard to find people that disagree with that statement, these days. Still, our approach to open source software differs. The way we do open source at Zalando, a relatively large tech company, is quite different from the way a two-people consultancy does it.

In our discussion, we had an interesting exchange on a variety of questions, such as the reasons for a company to open source software, licensing, building and managing a community, and many more. The talk was recorded, you can find the video below.