21 March 2019: 5th Data Engineering Meetup Berlin – Open Source Infrastructure

The Data Engineering Meetup in Berlin is back! The next edition will be on the 21st of March, and you can register on meetup.com. The meetup is free, and seats run out quickly, so don’t forget to RSVP!

This time, we got a new location: Zalando’s BZS office, across the river from the East Side Gallery. There is space for around 200 people, and the seat arrangement should be more suited for the event – especially if you’re sitting in the back.

The theme for this edition is ‘Open Source Infrastructure’. This time we have two talks, followed by a panel discussion.

The first talk is by Michal Gancarski, data engineer at Zalando. He will share his experience building data services in a small team. If you want to know how a small team achieves great results, you won’t want to miss this.

The second talk is by Wojciech Biela, the co-founder and Director of Product Development at Starburst. He will give a very technical talk about join reordering in Presto. If you use Presto and want a deep dive into technical details, this is the talk for you!

After the break, we will have a panel discussion on cloud infrastructure, titled “Infrastructure in the Cloud: DIY, Vendor, or Cloud Provider”. Moderated by our VP Data Kshitij Kumar, we will hear the perspective of cloud providers, of vendor of services based on open source projects, as well as of open source project committers. There will be time for questions, so get ready to grill our panelists!

As usual, food and drinks will be provided throughout the event. We organise this meetup for software engineers, data engineers, and data scientist to discuss what they do, the challenges they face, what works, and what doesn’t. If you would like to talk at the next meetup, get in touch. We want to know about all the interesting work you are doing in your organisation.