Online Talk at Data Republic

Next Monday, on the 24th of August, I will be giving a talk at the Data Republic meetup – and of course, it will be online, so you can join wherever you are in the world. Head to the Data Republic meetup page to register.

My talk will be called “Writing a Resilient Event Consumer, One Incident at a Time”. What I’ll do in this short talk is walk you through some of the most common pitfalls of writing and operating a data consumer that needs to satisfy latency SLOs. We’ll start with a very simple data consumer application, and through a series of incidents, we will progressively make it better.

After almost 4 years working on Zalando’s event streaming platform, Nakadi, I have seen quite a few issues that arise when people write applications that publish to, or consume from, the event streaming platform. Although I will use Nakadi as an example, what I will talk about applies generally, even if you use Kafka, AWS Kinesis, Google PubSub, or any similar product.

See you on Monday!